Renting Boards

Looking to catch some waves but don’t have your own gear? No problem! We’ve got you covered with our extensive range of surfboards and equipment available for rent:

“As a general rule, we lend the following to those who have completed our schooling. Meaning If you are new here, one of our instructors will be with you.(even if you have surf experience)”


🏄 Surfboards:

  • Shortboard
  • Funboard
  • Longboard

🌊 Rates: Starting from ¥3,200 per session for up to 3.5 hours. After that, it’s just ¥700 per additional hour.

Swap your surfboard mid-session at no extra charge, depending on the ocean conditions.

Please note: Repair costs apply if the rental board is damaged.

Additional Equipment:

  • Spongeboard, Moldboard Side Fin: ¥2,000
  • Moldboard Center Fin: Starting from ¥6,000
  • Surfboard Crash Repair: Starting from ¥3,000

🏄‍♀️ Other Rentals:

  • Stand-Up Paddle (SUP): ¥3,800 per session
  • Bodyboard: ¥500 per session (Free for surfboard renters)

🌊 Wetsuits:

  •  ¥800

Why Rent with Us?

🌟 Flexible rental options to suit your surfing needs.

🏄‍♂️ Convenient mid-session board swaps based on ocean conditions.

🔧 Repairs available in case of damage.

👍 Friendly and knowledgeable staff to assist you.


Get ready to hit the waves hassle-free! Rent your surfboard and gear today and make the most of your surfing adventure!